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It’s that time of the year again for the anticipated 3rd Bikers Cafe Build-off!

As participants in last year’s we know what an amazing experience it is!

Once again three teams will do battle including Bikers Oasis, Vendetta Racing UAE and Alain Custom Motorcycle. All contenders will have to present their bikes to the judges at Bikers Café on the 21st of October 2017.

Alain Customs  has years of experience working on customized cruiser one-off builds for customers, Bikers Oasis is known for his retro custom builds made in his man-cave and VR Racing puts to racers with the build skills into the mix.

None of the three teams should be discounted!!!

We at Cafe Racers Middle [...]

Beachroad Magazine Feature

Thanks Beachroad Magazine Dubai for the awesome feature!

Click here to check it out!

Awesome site!

Beachroad Magazine Dubai was conceived in 2014 with the aim to showcase businesses and talent within our communities. A mix of Culture, Arts, Fashion, Photography, Design, Travel and Dining features along the coastal road and beyond

Pictures by our good friends: Portraits of a Rider & Sean Blake

CRME Parking-Lot Meet 3

More bikes.... More Banter

Thanks to everyone who came to our 3rd Parking-Lot meet, It’s people like you who help our community grow!

Despite the warm weather it was great to see some new faces and new bikes!

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Hey Guys!

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last year and a half you would have undoubtedly heard of ‘Bike Nation Magazine’. Cafe Racers Middle East is happy to announce that we will be a permanent feature covering the ‘Cafe Racer Corner’ and other special articles to bring our community current info, cool bikes and trends. Make sure you grab a copy of Bike Nation Magazine off shelves or download the app and let us know what you think of our articles!


CRME swag is now available!

Order though our site, Facebook or Instagram now! Back your local biker misfits!

One month left till the big reveal for the 2016 Bikers Cafe Build-off!

CRME is against Seb-Sports and Lycan Customs to grab the gold!

Who’s rooting for the underdog?

Follow our Journey!

 Hi guys!

Have you seen our latest feature in Bonneficiation? Awesome write-up on ‘Del’s Desert Sled’ & it’s transformation from an award winning Café Racer to a Desert Sled. Have a look!

Great sesh today! 
Team CRME busy with the 2016 Bikers Cafe build-off! Thanks Dime City Cycles & Skull Cycles DXB for the support and encouragement! 
Watch out for the underdogs!!!!! ☠

We at Cafe Racers Middle East wanna say a huge ‘Thank You’ to our homies at Dime City Cycles for generously donating us parts for the 2016 Bikers Cafe Build-off!

Dime City Cycles (famous for their support of local builders and the international custom bike community) have been supplying parts globally to us ‘aspiring overseas builders’ for years! Enabling us to get our hands on the ingredients we need to create our dreams… No matter where in the world you are!

DCC wanted to support CRME as we jointly hope to show local builders and average joe’s that a group of buddies with tool boxes can take part in a competition of this scale and be creative!

The latest build-off by Bikers Café in Dubai is going to be an interesting one in many ways. Three teams will do battle including biking heavyweights Sebsports and custom shop Lycan Customs but this year a group or gnarly amateurs are jumping into the competition in the form of Café Racers Middle East (CRME) – a group of like minded bikers with a flair for chopping up metal. Adding a bit of spice to the mix the bike they have all been given to work their magic on is a stock Honda XR 125 – not the typical build-off bike but is sure will make things interesting. By October this year the three builds will be presented and judged at Bikers Café and the winner announced.

Sebsports has years of experience working on similar offroad bikes and would initially appear to be the team to beat. Lycan’s usual style is a much more customized cruiser one-off builds for customers but they [...]

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